Talk is nice but at some point you have to build things.

I have not yet merged my personal and work GitHub accounts.

My personal GitHub account contains:

  • A very simple (and klugey) Python script to trigger dynamic DNS updates for domains hosted with DreamHost.
  • A LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control) remote to control Fujitsi mini-split/ductless heat pump units.  These units have very long (~140 bits) infrared codes so controlling them with standard infrared tools is non-trivial.  This took a lot of time to put together, including some oscilloscope exploration and building receivers and transmitters.  I created this so I could use home automation software to control my home heating and cooling.  This was the simplest way one could do this at the time I finished it (December 2015), but Sensibo and Fujitsu now make infrared units with the appropriate codes and smart phone control/programming.

My work GitHub account has:

Various contributions to projects related to my job as a software engineer in UW-IT’s Identity and Access Management group.

  • resttools:   My contributions to the rest tools library–used to consume resources from UW’s Identity Registry.
  • iam-messaging:  Jim Fox’s messaging library for UW’s Identity Registry events, hacked up with just enough Python 3 and modern crypto libaries to use it for my API testing.
  • identity-pdp:  My contributions to a project to allow employees and students to set a preferred name that will be used “wherever possible”.  See my HCDE page for more information on that.
  • idbase:  My (miniscule) contributions to some dependencies for identity-pdp