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  1. OK…the Beckys are now required to use last initials so I know who’s talking. 😛

    You know someone who is friends with squirrelman, or friends with James?

  2. haha we like it this way man! We like to confuse people! It’s like being twins but instead we have the same name!

    yes, you know the person who knows squirrelman too. Well actually now that I think about it, we maybe be talking about different people. Right…

  3. I thought squirrelman was a fox. Not that I thought he was a fox as in “wow, he’s a fox” but as in he thinks he’s a fox. Not like he thinks he’s a fox… but like… the animal fox… not a fox… yes… right, I thought he thought he was an animal, the fox. I’m done… does dan know the fox?

  4. Wow….I’m not sure if I should delete that comment to preserve the integrity of my blog…or keep it to amuse myself and my readers….

  5. yes, dan knows the fox… and that’s who I thought matt was refering too. Hahaha… see, we even think alike!!!

  6. insert song from The Court Jester “I’m hither I’m yon, I’m there, I’m gone, I’m Johnny not on the Spot! Whenever you try to find me, you find me where I am not! Oh! You’ll never out fox, you’ll never out fox, you’ll never out fox the FOOOOOOOOOOOX!!!”

  7. I’m a big fan of this thread… I’m sorry it died… and yet, I killed it so beautifully, it even had a big musical finish.

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